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Cotopaxi National Park Lodge Trek

Trek Lodge to Lodge while Exploring the Ecuadorian Countryside and Walk up 15,000-foot / 4572-meter+ Peaks

With the up close and per­son­al views of the gleam­ing equa­to­r­i­al ice, Cotopaxi cap­tures the imag­i­na­tion of trekkers. This adven­ture in the friend­ly coun­try of Ecuador, is designed for you to enjoy the scenic beau­ty of Cotopaxi Nation­al Park, walk among lla­mas in the bucol­ic coun­try­side, and to trek up sev­er­al easy peaks, includ­ing Paso­choa, a humid Andean For­est with more than 45 species of trees and 110 species of birds, includ­ing the Andean con­dor, the largest bird on the planet.

Along the way, you will be charmed by the peo­ple, many of whom still prac­tice sub­sis­tence farm­ing, liv­ing in the shad­ow of the immense Cotopaxi. The walk in the mys­te­ri­ous paramo, an ecosys­tem likened to the Scot­tish moors, offers alpine plant lovers an exquis­ite gar­den to inves­ti­gate. And before you leave the park, you will encounter wild hors­es, lla­mas, and an inter­est­ing vari­ety of birds. Trekkers end this won­der­ful trip with a vis­it to the Quilo­toa Crater, where we descend about 900 feet to explore the lake and also have a chance to meet some of the var­ied indige­nous groups unique to Ecuador liv­ing in the area. This is a com­plete, won­der­ful view of the Andean High­lands of Ecuador.


  • Cotopaxi Nation­al Park Trek

    $3,550 – 9 Days / Includes trav­el time

  • Sin­gle Sup­ple­ment (I want my own room) – $550

  • Cotopaxi Nation­al Park Trek w/​Cotopaxi Climb Extension

    $4,600 – 12 Days / Includes trav­el time

    Minimum two participants for Cotopaxi climb

  • Sin­gle Sup­ple­ment (I want my own room) – $550


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Flight Information

The total num­ber of days for your trip includes all trav­el to and from your des­ti­na­tion, with some excep­tions. Dates list­ed on the web­site start with your depar­ture date from the U.S and include the day you arrive home. For this trip you will need to arrive in Quito, Ecuador on Day 1, which in most cas­es will have arrival times late evening; any­where from 7 pm to 11:30 pm You will be met at the air­port by a Moun­tain Mad­ness rep­re­sen­ta­tive and trans­ferred to your hotel. 

Your return flight home will be the last date list­ed on the dates and prices page. The trip itin­er­ary is based on the assump­tion that this will be a one-day return flight home.

Please con­tact our office for any help need­ed with your flight schedule.


  • Cotopaxi Nation­al Park Trek


    9 Days / Includes trav­el time

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  • Cotopaxi Nation­al Park Trek w/​Cotopaxi Climb Extension


    12 Days / Includes trav­el time

    Minimum two participants for Cotopaxi climb

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15,744 ft / 4799 m


Trek on the shoul­ders of Cotopaxi Volcanoe


Advanced Beginner

Trekking involves 4-5 hours of walking per day with an elevation gain of up to 1,000 feet / 305 meters. You should be in good physical shape and participating in 3-4, 1-hour minimum cardiovascular workouts per week before the trek. Participants are encouraged to walk several hours or more a week leading up to the trek.

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