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Bhutan Snowman Trek with Jakar Festival

One of the most challenging treks in the world explores the most remote region of Bhutan

Join us for an unfor­get­table adven­ture to the spir­i­tu­al land of Bhutan, nes­tled high in the Himalayas. Expe­ri­ence Bhutanese cul­ture and cus­toms, monas­ter­ies, and land­scape lush with rhodo­den­dron and alpine forests. Breath­tak­ing views of unclimbed sum­mits, high ridges and deep riv­er gorges will reward us. This trek, one of the most chal­leng­ing in the world, cross­es a num­ber of high pass­es among 22,966-foot / 7,000-meter peaks and explores the most remote region of Bhutan.

The Snow­man Trek com­bines cul­tur­al immer­sion, very remote and chal­leng­ing trekking, and vis­its to loca­tions shroud­ed in mys­tery. Very few trekkers attempt the Snow­man Trek but those that accept the chal­lenge will be reward­ed with what is most cer­tain­ly a rare adven­ture and prob­a­bly a trip of a lifetime.

Pric­ing note: In 2022 Bhutan’s Depart­ment of Tourism raised the prices for ser­vices for 2023. Since then, they decid­ed to elim­i­nate the increas­es, result­ing in an over $3,000 decrease in our price for this year only.


  • Min­i­mum 4 Participants

    $9,450 – 32 Days / Includes trav­el time

  • Sin­gle Sup­ple­ment (I want my own room and tent) – $1,400




Flight Information

The total num­ber of days for your trip includes all trav­el to and from your des­ti­na­tion, with some excep­tions. Dates list­ed on the web­site start with your depar­ture date from the U.S. and include the day you arrive home. For this trip you will need to arrive in Paro, Bhutan on Day 3 of the itin­er­ary. You will cross the date line in mid-flight to Asia, thus los­ing a day. If you are trav­el­ing from out­side the U.S. your itin­er­ary may require less time to reach Paro, so all that is required is that you arrive on Day 3 of the itin­er­ary, where Moun­tain Mad­ness ser­vices begin. If you arrive ear­ly, we can assist with extra hotel arrange­ments and activ­i­ties. Oth­er­wise, you can arrive at any time on Day 3. You will be met at the air­port by a Moun­tain Mad­ness rep­re­sen­ta­tive and trans­ferred to your hotel.

Your return flight home should be sched­uled for the last day of the itin­er­ary. Depend­ing on flight times, you may arrive home on Day 30 thanks to cross­ing the inter­na­tion­al date line in reverse, or you may arrive home on Day 31. 

Please con­tact our office for any help need­ed with your flight schedule.


  • Min­i­mum 4 Participants


    32 Days / Includes trav­el time

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Gophu­la Pass: 17,898 ft / 5455 m


Snow­man Trek



Similar to level four, but there may be four difficult days in a row over passes and could have elevation gains of more than 3,000 feet / 915 meters. Given multiple difficult days on this level of trek endurance is key and preparation should be more rigorous.

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