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Rwenzoris Mountains of the Moon

Climb two peaks amidst Dr. Seuss-like landscapes

Whether you are a climber look­ing for an inter­est­ing expe­di­tion with mul­ti­ple objec­tives, or trekker look­ing for some­thing off the beat­en path, Rwen­zori Moun­tain Nation­al Park offers a unique expe­ri­ence among an Afro Mon­tane rain­for­est and trop­i­cal glac­i­ers. At 16,762 feet / 5,109 meters above sea lev­el, Mount Margheri­ta is the high­est peak in the Rwen­zoris and the third high­est peak in Africa, with views of the con­vo­lut­ed, nar­row val­leys and rugged peaks of the range and the Con­go Basin to the east breath­tak­ing. There are ample oppor­tu­ni­ties along the way to climb the high­est peaks in the range, with easy to inter­me­di­ate lev­el climbs on snow and rock. Trekkers can attempt eas­i­er peaks, or enjoy the chal­leng­ing trek and unique plant and ani­mal life.


  • Rwen­zoris Moun­tains of the Moon

    $5,975 – 13 Days / Includes trav­el time


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Flight Information

The total num­ber of days for your trip includes all trav­el to and from your des­ti­na­tion, with some excep­tions. Dates list­ed on the web­site start with a depar­ture date from the U.S. and include the day you arrive home. For this trip you will need to arrive in Entebbe, Ugan­da on Day 2. You will be met at the air­port by a Moun­tain Mad­ness rep­re­sen­ta­tive and trans­ferred to your hotel.

Your return flight home will be in the evening of the day before the last date list­ed on the dates and prices page. The trip itin­er­ary assumes that this will be a one-day return flight home.


  • Rwen­zoris Moun­tains of the Moon


    13 Days / Includes trav­el time

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16,762 ft / 5109 m



Client to Guide Ratio

3:1 (Climb)



Depending on the objective, climbers should be comfortable on steeper snow/ice slopes and/or 5.5-5.7 rock climbing experience. You should have a past climbing experience with proven skills. Certain climbs may require only snow/ice skills, but not require rock skills; and vice-versa.

Trekking involves 5-8 hours per day with large elevation gains of 1,000-2,000+ feet / 305-610+ meters per day. Multiple days of this level of trekking will occur throughout the trip. You should be in great physical shape and participating in 4, 1-hour workouts per week before the trek. At least 1 to 2 days should include hiking with a small pack, leading up to several walks of 5-7 hours, with altitude gain if possible.

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