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Gorilla in Bwindi 3

Gorilla Safari Extension

eye-to-eye with the gorillas — no plexiglas separating you

You will enjoy four lux­u­ri­ous days in the Vol­ca­noes Bwin­di Lodge, tak­ing in the exot­ic sur­round­ings and track­ing the Rushe­gu­ra goril­la group. The excite­ment of the track­ing and get­ting the first glimpse of a goril­la is sim­ply inde­scrib­ably. This trip is a great way to extend your climb of Kil­i­man­jaro or a trek in Kenya.

With the goril­las loca­tion known by the track­ers, you’re almost cer­tain to see these mag­nif­i­cent ani­mals. You strike out ear­ly in the morn­ing and depend­ing on the goril­la group’s loca­tion, you’ll walk any­where from less than an hour to three or more hours in the lush Bwin­di Impen­e­tra­ble For­est. Before and after your day of track­ing you’ll enjoy the com­forts of the lodge. 

The land around the lodge acts as a buffer zone between the expand­ing vil­lage of Nkwn­da and the for­est, reduc­ing human-wildlife con­flict and crop-raid­ing by the goril­las on local farms. A series of trails through the prop­er­ty allow you to savor the primeval tran­quil­i­ty of the for­est, its wildlife and the stream flow­ing through it. There is even a small water­hole in the riv­er where you can take a refresh­ing dip! Goril­las, birds and oth­er pri­mates can be heard and often seen in the for­est, and the goril­las often sleep at the lodge! A walk through the grounds and the tea gar­dens is magical. 

Orig­i­nal­ly opened in 1999 as a basic tent­ed camp, Bwin­di Lodge is now the most styl­ish and com­fort­able eco-lodge in the Buhoma part of Bwin­di. Each of the 8 ban­das (rooms) has its own bal­cony and opens out onto the misty impen­e­tra­ble” for­est. From here you can also explore the vil­lage, meet some school chil­dren, and vis­it a Pygmy vil­lage and learn about their customs.


Flight Information

The total num­ber of days for your trip includes all trav­el to and from your des­ti­na­tion, with some excep­tions. Dates list­ed on the web­site start with a depar­ture date from the U.S. and include the day you arrive home. For this trip you will need to arrive in Entebbe, Ugan­da on Day 1. You will trans­fer to the 8:30 am or 12:30 pm flight to Kihihi.

Leave on Day 4 with the 10:55 am or 14:05 pm return flight to Entebbe and con­nect in time for your return flight.

Please con­tact our office for any help need­ed with your flight schedule.

Gorilla Photo Source

Vol­ca­noes Safari



No Experience required. Little or no walking is required.

Trips to do Before this Gorilla Extension