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Happy New Year from Kilimanjaro!

Mark Gun­log­son’s father-in-law, Dar­rell, checked in with some updates from Africa! Good luck to the team on the moun­tain and a hap­py new year to every­one from Moun­tain Madness!

Our inter­na­tion­al team of from Tan­za­nia, Swe­den, Hun­gary and Amer­i­ca all arrived at Camp 3 on Decem­ber 29th, hap­py and healthy. Our hike the first two days were incred­i­ble! Colobus and blue mon­keys were spot­ted in the trees, we came across signs of ele­phant and the lush mon­tane for­est was filled with an assort­ment of inter­est­ing, exot­ic plants.

On the 29th, we passed through Fis­ch­er camp and checked in to pay our respects to Scot­t’s memo­r­i­al plaque. A hum­bling expe­ri­ence for all of us, espe­cial­ly as we stand here 30 years after Scot­t’s dream became Moun­tain Madness! 

The team! Dar­rell Born­stein photo

After the usu­al elab­o­rate lunch pre­pared by our incred­i­ble staff, led by the chief cook Kiplet, we pushed on, arriv­ing at the 13,500 foot Moir Camp just in time as the after­noon brought hail and hard rain pelt­ing our tents.

Dry in the tent, the group fell prey to our lead guide Ben Mal­i­ty’s card play­ing prowess, who shot the moon in a game of hearts — grudge match to come.

Join­ing the team was Mark Gun­log­son’s father-in-law Dar­rell (73) and his daugh­ter Ellie (9). Moir Camp marked their per­son­al sum­mit and a job well done! The rest of the group is on their way to Lava Tow­er and a wel­come half day hike to the next camp.

Con­grats to Dar­rell and Ellie for reach­ing their per­son­al goals of 13,500 feet! Dar­rell Born­stein photo

Every­one sends their best wish­es to all for a Hap­py New Year!

A note from the daugh­ter of the Swedish mom/​daughter trekkers: Ella and mama Ella say to their won­der­ful fam­i­ly, who are cur­rent­ly chill­ing out by the pool, Miss you and wish you were here. But we don’t think you’re suf­fer­ing too much! And if your won­der­ing if we’ll reach the top? Mak­i­na Mata­ta! Puss & Kram

Adri­enn writes to Imre, We’re all doing fine, being pam­pered and tak­en care of. A line of SMS is wait­ing for a shred of recep­tion…! 1,500 meters still to go. 

Work for the Mad­ness nev­er ends! Just kid­ding… Mark writ­ing a blog and enjoy­ing some rest time at camp. Dar­rell Born­stein photo